Over the years it has been proven that the fastest way of an upcoming music artiste getting his or her song heard is by media promotion which requires their song being played on Television or radio, and many famous musicians who are making hits song also have done and still doing the same thing.

It has been no doubt radio promotion is the fastest way of building your audience, network, grow and connect with professionals who have been in the music scene for a very long time, which helps you boost the leverage of your music brand.

The song which is on spin or one can say which is being played quite frequently Is supposed to have considered radio airplay time on air. 

The promotion of your song is done through airplay time which If your song is repeated again and again and is engaging enough, it becomes a hit song, and you get to be recognized by more audience plus yo get invited for shows.

With over billions of people listening to their radio station daily and most people driving in their cars, it is guaranteed that at least you can get one of those famous record label scouts who search for new music act for record labels to get to listen to your song and present it to the label boss.


1: The main reason why music acts put their song on the radio is that it provides a human connection between your music and an engaged audience.

2: Radio is where music curators thrive, and where most people still discover new music.

3: Another reason is most record labels scouts listen to the radio a lot, and if your song is right, you might get called up and sign a record deal.

4: Radio is the easiest and fastest way of getting your song heard



2. Naijarated FM (Online)

3. Lasu FM

4. Unilag FM

5. Cool  FM

6. Naija FM

7. Eko FM

8. Splash FM

9. Kiss  FM

10. Star FM

11. Sound city FM

12. Rainbow FM

13. Wazobia FM 

14. Fresh FM 

15. Speed FM 

16. Ray Power FM