Naydu - Spice & Class EP


Nigerian-American based in Atlanta, GA A tech guy, working on 2 master degrees (Business and Information Systems) and graduates summer 2020.
Started doing music as a kid with the choir and then friends in Lagos. Did a few music auditions out in Lagos back in the days before relocating to the US 10 years ago.

Nonetheless, music never left me as I went on to Dj-ing while chasing other things in life. In August of 2018, I decided to get back in to music, and gave myself a year to put a work out there (dropped Shout – sample from my EP August 2019). So, kind of doing music part-time for now and dropping the 7 song EP

I am an Afrobeat artist but draw inspiration from all type of music, you can feel some hip hop, dancehall, RnB or even trap music in my work.

Tracklist :

1. Shout  || DOWNLOAD

2. Vegas To Lagos   || DOWNLOAD

3. Naija Boyz    || DOWNLOAD

4. Wait   || DOWNLOAD

5. Jiji Party  || DOWNLOAD

6. Mad Am  || DOWNLOAD

7. Ifoma ||  DOWNLOAD