Charis Daniel - Headaching Them EP


Truly it has been a successful 2019 for me.
And it's time for a wrap up, and it comes in form of a build work which I title Headaching Them. 
The Piece is a 6 tracks record and trust me its pure bliss.
Big thanks to everyone who joined in the movement this year and to those that has always supported to brand and vision this is for us.


1. Power  || DOWNLOAD

2. Hard To Tell  || DOWNLOAD

3. Ge  || DOWNLOAD

4. Mixed Feelings || DOWNLOAD

5. Daddy Loves You  || DOWNLOAD

6. Energy || DOWNLOAD

Track 1-5 was mixed and mastered by @sensei_mix 
While track 6 was mixed and mastered by @chico_jada 
Am really grateful to my team in the writing of all tracks