Falz opens up on love life, the #Endsars protest, and forthcoming album

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Nigerian Rapper, Falz was recently a guest on The Beat99.9FM where he opened up on his love life, the #Endsars protest, making new music, album mode, his cooking show and combining a successful career in the industry with a relationship.

Falz said that 2020 was a year of mixed emotions for him. According to him, every emotion he could feel, he had felt it as a result of the pandemic and the protest which took over the country in the month of October.

When asked if he was targeted for the role he played in the protest just several others whose accounts were frozen and passports seized, he revealed that he hasn’t had the chance to travel out and so he hasn’t experienced any of that.

Speaking about how the remix of his hit song, “Squander” came about, he said that since the song is an Amapiano genre that originated from South Africa, he thought to put South African artists on the remix to give it an original Amapiano sound.

He also spoke about his New Cooking show and his Media Production house, House 21 which he launched last year.

When asked about his love life, he revealed that he is on a talking stage with someone and that he would love to settle down one day.

He lamented that it’s difficult to combine a successful career in the entertainment industry and a healthy relationship.

He admitted that he wasn’t sure if he would be hosting his “Falz Experience” show which he regularly does every ending of the year as the pandemic has pushed things back.

He explained that it takes months to prepare for the type of shows he puts up.

He stated that he would be releasing an album this year and that during the lockdown he recorded over three albums as he had a lot of time on his hand.

When asked about his craziest fan experience, he shared a story of a female fan who cornered in the bathroom of a club and gave him a kiss without warning.