Simi reacts as woman drags pregnant women who won’t cook because of their condition

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Nigerian Singer, Simi had a lot to say to a woman who dragged Pregnant women who find it hard to cook because of their pregnancy.

A Twitter User by the name Becky caused a conversation after she addressed men who can’t cook in a tweet. She wrote;

“You can’t cook and you want to get married? What will your wife eat when she get pregnant?”

Another user by the name Mamatee replied;

“So because a woman is pregnant now she won’t cook when pregnancy is not sickness nitori Olorun”

Mamatee’s statement didn’t sit well with Simi as the singer quote her tweet educating her.

She wrote;

“This take is dangerous. Some women ARE sick when they’re pregnant. Some, too weak to do anything.

Some pregnancies are high risk. The fact that ur pregnancy went smoothly and u could live in the kitchen doesn’t mean it’s okay to judge other women that can not or DO NOT want to”

She concluded her statement with;

“Women deserve a break from these rubbish takes foggosake.”