Omah Lay Speaks Out After Being Charged To Court By Ugandan Police

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Omah Lay has spoken out after being charged to court by the Ugandan police for staging a concert. 
In a series of tweets, he explained that he and Tems were handcuffed and treated like criminals. He further revealed that Uganda has prevented the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign affairs from intervening. He wrote: “I’m in cuffs in Uganda right now with Tems. I’m just a singer trying to entertain, why am I being set up in Uganda? I didn’t organize a show, I came on stage and saw teeming fans and sang to them…Why am I being detained? Why am I not been given a right to a fair hearing?

Why is Uganda not letting @NigeriaMFA step into this? They have been trying to secure our release to no avail.Is there something bigger at play in Uganda? Why do I have to take the fall for it???