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Top 5 Dagrin Songs that will motivate you.

Written on 08/31/2020
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Dagrin remains one of the most respected rappers to have ever lived, in Nigeria. To this kind that he’s been dead for close to a decade, is funny, because most of his songs still come through as evergreen. You can’t get tired of ’em. It’s not like the Radios and TV’s spin Dagrin’s music, anyway.

But, boy, he made some very good music, when he was alive. He sure didn’t live long enough to have as many albums or tracks as Olamide, but he’s got a classic catalog, that is full of great music and then some.

Today is Monday, and while we’re doing some motivation , we thought there’s no better time than now to give y’all some old Dagrin songs that are more motivational, than just the usual ‘braggadocious’ Dagrin vibe.

1. Ghetto Dream Ft Sossick

Arguably, one of Dagrin’s best songs. It was such a big hit and was on the “C.E.O” album. His longtime producer, Sossick was on the song and he delivered the perfect hook, for an inspiring tune

2. Everyday

This is like Nigeria’s “Hard Knock Life.” It was real hip-hop, and Dagrin took on his storytelling style to talk about how he’s hustling every day.

The beat, the sample, the rhymes, lyrics and literally everything on the song is cool. Not to forget the inspiration it’s got. You might wanna put this on some time for some early morning motivation.

3. I Made It Ft Iceberg Slim

One thing is, Dagrin is a dope rapper, not only because he makes good songs, but also because he knows how to collaborate with other artists. Many of his big hits have been collaborations, especially with singers, since he barely does his hook.

Iceberg Slim put the Yoruba rapper, on this funky hip-hop single, “I Made It” and as expected the lyricist breathed some life into the music.

4. Efimile

Remember that thing about collaboration? Yeah, Dagrin was never short of collaborations, everyone loved him.

Well, at the time YQ was one hell of a singer, who has delivered amazing hooks for rappers, including M.I Abaga. It was only a matter of time before he hooked up with Grin.

“Efimile” is like a song for haters and enemies who are trying to take his shine away from him. Well, everyone’s got that. Hip-hop, as usual, and could put some real-life lessons into your head. Really

5. Iwofa

Bigiano is known for his hot club tracks back then, and his very catchy lyrics. Dagrin, his indigenous hip-hop style that was starting to gain traction in the mainstream.

“Iwofa” actually had a dance hall beat, but still had some inspirational lyrics. It’s even better if you knew it, back then. A little bit of nostalgia will make it even better.

His bars are dope as ever, bouncing and all that. He did his signature chuckle on it, too. And Sheyman produced this track. So, next time you wondering where that guy earned his bragging rights? Dagrin.