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Brymo Tells Story Of The Inspiration Behind Esprit De Corps Lyrics

Written on 05/11/2020
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Sensational Nigerian singer Brymo has taken to his social media page to tell the story of what inspired the lyrics for his recent release Esprit de Corps.
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Taking to his twitter page to share how he got the lyrics for the track which is one of the hits on his recently released album Yellow, the Ara crooner said the lyrics were inspired by a student’s poem.

Narrating the ordeal between him and the student, Brymo revealed that the student contacted him to protest over a gig that was cancelled.

He further revealed that he saw the lyrics on the student’s Whatsapp status after which he asked for permission to use the lyrics in his Esprit Corps track.

Taking to his twitter page to disclose the inspiration behind his Esprit de Corps track, Brymo wrote: