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Here are 5 things to expect from Kizz Daniel upcoming EP ‘King Of Love’

Written on 03/19/2020
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The EP has been teased and talked about by the singer for about a month now.

Nigerian singer, Kizz daniel has been teasing his third studio album for the better part of 1 month. The EP is to be titled, ‘King Of Love’ and it will be released under Flyboy Inc

With the limited information we have, what can we then expect from King Of Love ? Here are a few speculated thoughts;


Kizz daniel has released two albums so far. New Era is a classic, New Era split opinion, but with what the songs on the sophomore album did, it is difficult to argue its impact and how it is Kizz Daniel best album for ageing while No Bad Songs showcased the beauty of good A&R and overall direction.

While it might be hype and the vanity of romanticism of imminent art talking as it is with every artist, Kizz Daniel himself called King Of Love  “Best I Ever Made.”

Date of release

With stars like Kizz Danie, their date of release is strategically selected and determined by a few factors. We can then speculate that if the Ep will ever drop in 2020, it will either be during the Middle of the year or towards the end of the year. 

No Features

When Kizz Daniel teased some of the songs he’d been serving us on the ep, but fortunately no feature 


All of Kizz Daniel last two projects; New Era and No Bad  Songs were more than 10 songs in length. While this is no indication on what King Of Love could be in length, it is the streaming era, and the longer your album, the better your likelihood of making money.

Though not all the songs teased will make the album, Kizz Daniel has teased a lot of songs. This leads to the speculation that the Ep is 5 in length.