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5 Lines From “LTG ALBUM” That Proves Fireboy Is A Good Lyricist

Written on 12/08/2019
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It is with no doubt when you hear the name Fireboy DML the massive song “Jealous” comes to your head you just can't get it off and before your know it your headphone is brought out and you start listening, ever since his first single dropped fans already knew this he will be a big blessing to the music industry.

“Laughter Tears and Goosebumps” is like a blessing to the fans of Fireboy DML but many of them would call it another gbedu wey dey burst brain, with LTG the singer officially kicked off his music career big time and he is already taking over from the A-listers “Fireboy DML is the real deal”

So many exciting things about this singing sensation which we all just can't figure it all out because he keeps bringing different joy to his fans, there is never a dull moment or bad records when it comes to him, that's one, two he is one of the most versatile that he can adopt to any kind of beat and still deliver the 100%  Fireboy special and lyrically he is a genius which am sure any music act whose originality is not to be taken for granted.

What’s his lyrical strength? He has a play on words. His lyrical weakness? He plays to much on words, Alternatively, you can say he got bad ass punchlines. One of these days, I’m sure you won’t be freaked if Fireboy DML is being compared to your best rapper or maybe to get the “Lyricist On The Roll” award. Lol! Well that a story for another day.

With that said lets quickly dive in and give you more dose of the Fireboy DML pills we've been taking in, when we say “LTG” Album is dope, we meant it and the lyrics on it ain't close to bad but it perfect from track one to the last track on the album everything is dope and fall in place as the singer carefully laid it down with perfection and i guess most of y'all didn't catch the LTG fever when he was dropping them hot lines, well be happy because that what about to give you so u can catch the fever and get your doctor to prescribe you the Fireboy DML pills. Oshe!

This article is about '5 Lines From “LTG ALBUM” That Proves Fireboy Is A Good Lyricist'

“Oh baby am getting jealous, Don't wanna see you with anybody, I'm getting jealous already” - Jealous 

Have you ever been in love? to an extend seeing other people with the one u love piss you off that u don't mind telling your lover to stay away from any other person who u see as a treat. What Fireboy DML is trying to say here is crystal clear that he is jealous seeing his girl with some other guy and he does not want to see her with another guy apart from him.

“So wetin com be this one? Who dey follow you do competition? My followers no be 1 million, but my fanbase strong gidi gan” - King

Sometimes you just notice someone out of nowhere trying to like compete with you even when you know that you just want to be on your own lane doing your own thing and don't need unnecessary competitor when you both clearly know there is nothing to compete about. 

Here in the line Fireboy DML is trying to like tell his competitor who are u? Who is in a competition with you, plus he is letting his competitor know that he does not have one million followers but his fanbase is solid anytime any day.

“No dey do me Shakara, No dey do me yanga, I get money yapa, Emi EMI superstar, Ti n ba gbori wole won a mo, Omo ti mo gbe lana, O RI mi o king, fayayaya” - Scatter 

Moments you tried to approach a lady you see and she's like trying to be a snub to you, and you like to please girl stop fronting with the attitude because a freaking rich with enough cash to throw away, am a superstar known worldwide, anywhere I enter people know who I am and the girl with me yesterday she saw me and started screaming. Do you get the whole memo? Rii Rii dimakulayan!

I can feel the vibration, Of your body moving, You put your body into it, I can see what you're doing oh - Vibration

This line mean so many things to everyone and mostly to those freaky people with dirty mind Lol! U know what i mean right? Hehehe! Let me just say i wonder what Fireboy DML was thinking when he wrote this song because it is one of a heck dirty and is one of this lines u definitely put in one or two words when you trying to get that dream girl. I didn't say much o Hmm!

What If I Say, Make You Come Chill With Me In My Place, When You Go Fit Come Maybe This Friday, Me And You We Be Chilling In My Room, We Go Listen To Some Songs with my beats by Dre - What If I Say

Chia! Another wicked line which also got me wondering what was this bad guy thinking when writing this song and am sure Olamide must have heard this and be like damn! Omo yi bad gan! Lol pardon my Yoruba if it's not that good but am sure u know what i mean. Going through that lines am sure they won't just listen to song because they are many things involve and there is more to that.

Indeed Fireboy DML is too talented and issa certified hit maker, Vocally, Lyrically and have a great sense of wordsplay.