“I will get married when I am ready”- Ruggedman reveals

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Nigerian Rapper, Michael Stephens, also known as Ruggedman has opened up on when he intends to settle down.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Ruggedman revealed that he is not under pressure from his family to get married and would do so when he is ready.

The veteran hip hop artist disclosed that he is not searching for a woman who will clean and cook for him but rather his kind of woman is someone who fits into his lifestyle which is why he is waiting patiently to meet such a woman.

He also said he has already had a chat with his mother about his late marriage and they have come to a consensus. He also disclosed that he doesn’t come from a family where there’s pressure so he isn’t under any form of pressure to get married.

In his words;

“I will get married when I am ready. (For me), marriage will only happen at the right time. I am not under any form of pressure to get married.

I and my mum have spoken about it a few times and we are good. I don’t come from a family that does that (put pressure).

I just want a woman that has a great sense of responsibility and knows how to live properly. I am not bothered about whether she is a good cook, as long as she can cook a little, that is fine with me. We could also order foods or eat out.

I want a woman that I would be in love with. As for whatever quality she does not possess, we would work it out. For instance, what if she can cook and her character is terrible, what would one do? Being a super chef is not a priority for me. A woman does not have to be Miss World before I can marry her.”